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Regional and local:

Partnership between:

  • Monastir Urban Observatory and the Higher Institute of Biotechnology in Monastir
  • Monastir Urban Observatory and Monastir University
  • Monastir Urban Observatory and Association for Friendship and International Cooperation

Activities in partnership with:

  • Order of Tunisian engineers.
  • Municipality of Monastir

Partnership projects with municipalities:

Monastir - Kasr Helal - Almoknin - Jemmel - Tbolba - Bekalta and Sayada.

National :

Activities in partnership with :

  • Observatory witness to the elections and support democratic transformations
  • A network of "the right to ask".
  • The civil pole for development and human rights
  • National Institute for Political Development
  • Tunisian Center for Security Studies
  • Youth Forum for Citizenship Culture
  • Tunisia's development association  

International :

Enrollment of Monastir Urban Observatory in the International Network of Urban Observatories

Activities in partnerships with:

  • National Democratic Institute
  • International Republican Institute
  • Network of social accountability in the Arab world