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Our missions :

  • In order to make good use of resources in accordance with the approach of sustainable development while preserving the environment.
  • In order to provide health care for all.
  • In order to ensure the quality of education and the openness of the university to the industrial environment.
  • In order to value clean energies at a reasonable cost.
  • In order to develop the industrial sector and encourage innovation and infrastructure development.

Our organizational and academic capabilities:

  • The Observatory has partnerships and networks with a number of human rights, women, youth and environmental associations that are geographically spread in most delegations of Monastir.
  • The Observatory has a headquarters with offices and a meeting room in the center of Monastir.
  • The Observatory consists of 20 members with a variety of specialties including experts and consultants.
  • The Observatory is operating with The United Nations indicators in its development agenda, announced at the end of September 2015, which consists of 17 targets for sustainable development.
  • The Observatory has partnership projects with specialized research offices and major research institutions at the University of Monastir.